But it's not because we don’t want to hide behind the old-fashioned phrases, which nobody believes in anyway. We want our clients to be in close contact with us instead of hiding behind tons of paper. How can we help you?

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Gianluca Sala

Gianluca Sala Italy flag

/ Expert 4 export
/ Managing Director

It was a great experience working with Skrč to Studio. I really appreciated their professionalism and was satisfied with the results of our collaboration. We are proud to continue working with them and would definitely recommend their services to other companies.

Roman Kneifel

Roman Kneifel Czech Republic flag

/ Stoves & Fireplaces Kneifel
/ Owner

I started to work with guys from Skrč to studio three year ago and I’m really pleased with their work. In creativity I give them space for their creations and after that we just fine-tune the details. We cooperated on new logo, websites and other stuff. Assess their work by yourself.

Michal KolečkoCzech Republic flag

/ E-shop Kolečko
/ Owner

When creating the e-shop, the communication was on a great level. Everything I wanted was explained to me (regular stuff like data entry, price adjustment, etc.). I was pleasantly surprised by the nice graphical design and functionality of the site as well. And whenever I need an advice about the site, they always make it clear.

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