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For our clients we make logotypes which give them their image. When creating it, the emphasis is also on its subsequent use for promotional materials such as business cards, flyers, t-shirts and more. Quality logo is always the base of visual identity of each company.

Expert 4 Export SA

Expert 4 Export SA is a Swiss-based importing and distribution company that focuses mainly on the food and beverage sector. Its employees also provide consultancy in the area of export to several (mainly Italian) producers and thus assist them in expanding their businesses abroad. The company had one main requirement, that the circular shape of the logo must be maintained.

Expert for Export logo - created by Skrč to studio

Quest for models

Quest4Models is reputable and innovative modeling agency that assists its models in all the stages of their career (training, job opportunities, expert counselling, contracts, etc.). The company is based in Lugano, Switzerland, and operates mainly in Milan. Our job was to create a logo, which would be graphically consistent with the company's focus and suggest it’s use on promotional materials.

Quest for models logo - created by Skrč to studio

GP Luxury Events & Services SA

The Swiss company GP Luxury Events & Services SA was created to offer a range of dedicated and customizable luxury services for a demanding clientele. The company assists its clients in the purchase or renting of luxury items, such as supercars, yachts, private jets, real estate, watches, etc. Our job was to create a minimalistic logo, which would have a touch of luxury a would correspond with company’s focus.

GP Luxury Events & Services SA logo - created by Skrč to studio

Dance Club 77

The owners wanted to create an original and graphically pure logo, which is easily distinguishable and significantly different from the design of the other clubs around. While creating the logo we were thinking about the realization of the logo on the website and t-shirts. You can find the Dance Club77 only a few steps from the famous Stodolní street in Ostrava.

Dance Club 77 logo - created by Skrč to studio


This logo was created for the community of the car fans professing mainly German style. We got inspired by the typical design of the wheel disk of the German producer BBS, which is very popular in this community.

Decent - Facebook fanpage logo

Freight company Ivo Buran

Freight company Ivo Buráň focuses on domestic and international haulage, moving and excavation work too.

Haulage Ivo Buran

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