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The goal of optimization is not secure first rank in the search engines on a single word, because the first position cannot guarantee that visitors will become your customers. The aim of SEO is to ensure that your potential customers who will bring you a profit will find you.

How our optimization for search engines looks?

analysis of current status and competition

keyword research

structure of the website

content strategy and linkbuilding

measurement and evaluation of results

In these days, rely just on page overfilled with keywords and lots of backlinks, isn’t enough to get visitors from search engines. Vice versa, using this type of technique can get you a penalization of your website.

Loga vyhledávačů Google a Seznam

Even Google and Seznam (the second internet search engine in the Czech Republic - about 45%) tells us, how optimization for search engines should look. Following this instructions, we obtain good base on which it can (and should) continue to work. It’s always important to give search engines a good reason, why your website should be placed on top instead of your competitors, because everybody can follow these instructions.

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