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When creating websites, we don’t focus only on the design of the websites, but we make them to bring a profit to the owner or to fulfil some other goals for which they were made. We design the websites with the vision of maximal clarity and simplicity.

keyword research

structure of the website


development and coding


Stoves & Fireplaces Kneifel

Stoves & Fireplaces Kneifel offers professional advice and services in stove-fitting. Our job was to create modern and synoptic e-shop, which will fulfil the role of the website with information about the company too. The result of our job was whole new identity of the company, which includes new logo, e-shop and promotional materials. - website

webdesign / coding / logotype / promotial items

Online store Stoves & Fireplaces Kneifel

Pavement Radim Kwiek

For the construction company dealing with pavement, we created websites, which should show already done (completed) work. There is a responsive design included in the solution, which makes the web easily usable on the cell phones. - website

responsive design / coding / logotype

Pavement Radim Kwiek Pavement Radim Kwiek


Ekolečko is wholesale drugstore, which cooperated only with other companies (B2B). Our target was to connect this wholesale with normal customers by the e-shop, when we tried to put the emphasis on the clear design corresponding with the business sector. - website

webdesign / coding / logotype

Online store Ekolecko.cz

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